Drimz rise to stardom


Name:Lota Mandevu

AKA: Drimz Mr. MusiQ 

DOB: 1985 (32 years old)

Genre: Zam Kalindula

Lota Mandevu also famously known as Drimz in the music fraternity was born on 24th September in 1985. He completed his secondary education in kabwe at kalonga high school in 2002. His later Attended College from 2005 to 2009 at the Then National College for Management Development Studies pursuing a Higher Diploma in Information system studies under IMIS. He later worked as a lecturer at a well-known college in kabwe but only for a short period of time before his musical breakthrough. Currently he holds a Higher Diploma in Information Systems.

Drimz started his professional musical career in 2005 even though he first declared his interest in music in 2003.In his quest to become a popular artist his worked in the background with famous acts in the likes of Kmillian, Mampi, Ty2 and general Ozzy. This helped him gain more confidence and a little knowledge about how the music industry works.

In 2015 Drimz finally found his feet in the MusiQ industry. He made his first hit single titled “Ireen Mambilima” which enjoyed massive airplay across the whole country. The song found immeasurable favor both in the eyes of the ordinary and the cooperate people. This eventually helped Drimz to be recognised furthermore under his famous Tag line “Salt Muli Soupu” which he later developed into a brand.

Other than the famous Ireen Mambilima song other songs that made Drimz even bigger by excessive airplay are Ama Dance Yamulolo, Mpakafye Ubushiku which features Chef 187 and Mwiloba. His latest release is a song titled “Saana” which become an instant hit on the day of its release.

Having branded himself so well, Drimz has had a fair share of his cooperate deals with reputable companies and organisations. Also his desire to unite the country through art and music saw him work with neutral organisations

during the elections period both in 2015 and 2016 tripartite elections. In The run-up to elections he did a song called “Umutende” meaning Peace which saw the song being endorsed by even all the political players in the country.

Currently Drimz is the Brand Ambassador for Two NGOs namely RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT which he helps to sensitize the public about their civil rights and the other NGO being SAFAIDS which he also helps to educate the public about sexual reproductive rights and Health related issues. This is all achieved through the hosting of road shows in different localities. Drimz has also performed on big platforms such as the Multi Choice Sponsored ZAFTA Awards, Trade Fair, Kusefya Pan’gwena Ceremony and the first Mosi Day of Thunder event in Livingstone in 2016.

Drimz won the provincial award for Central Province at the first ever Kwacha Music Awards in 2017 helping him solidify his presence on the zambian music scene .



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