The Ecumenical – Apple Of My Eye (Prod. by Tino Beats)


APPLE OF MY EYE lyrics (written by Peleg Luwisha) 

INTRO All: (Nah nah nah nah nah nah ×3 )you are the apple of my eyeNah nah nah(Nah nah nah nah nah nah× 2)You are the sunshine in my life         

VERSE ONE: (Peleg)
I know God was probably just showing offAll:(po panga iwe) today always,beyond tomorrow I need you by my sideBaby will you let me love YOU?I’ll stay beside youAll:(and you know it’s TRUE) I love thee,as men strive for right(ALL SINGERS; you’re the apple of my eye)I love thee, as they turn from praise(All Singers: you’re the sunshine in my life)

CHORUS:the shortest Word I know is: iThe Sweetest word I know is: LOVEThe person I will tell is: YOU All: you’re the apple of my eye×2You are the sunshine in my life       

VERSE  TWO:(Sylvia) 
They say silence is GoldenI believe it is TRUEcause in the Golden silencethoughts occur of YOUyou are the sun that shines brightly throughout my DAYyou are the gravity that holds me down in every WAYYou are the moon that SHIMMERS throughout my NIGHTYou are the stars that GLIMMER oh so so BRIGHT.                

VERSE THREE:(Blessings)         You’ve gripped my soul with a ferocity reserved for a castawayI’ve searched the entire worldand I’ve found nobody like you with you my life is blessedYou are my pot of GOLDYou are the strength that keeps me going When despair takes HOLDDon’t let go                   

VERSE FOUR:(bleriah)
I loved thee from the earliest dawnWhen first I saw thy beauty’s rayyou are my one and Only babyYou stop me from being so LONELYWe plan our future as if we have a clueI never want to lose you babyI want you to be my wife and me your husbandI want to be with you for the rest of my life.                     


Bleriah:When I say you’re my life(all singers: I hope you know that it’s true) 
Peleg: When I say you’re my world.(All singers: know that I only have eyes for you) 

Bleria : when I say you are my lifeAll: I hope you know that it is true
Peleg:when I say you are my world All: I have eyes, for you.
        All:(apple of my eye ×3 )you are the apple of my eye (×2)

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