Tutwa Ngulube upholds President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility


PF Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube said “John Sangwa wants to challenge the election of the President, he is free to do so as that’s how he survives. He said Article 52 of the constitution of Zambia does not guarantee him or any person that once he challenges the candidature of the President he cannot stand”

Speaking on Qfm breakfast show, after being asked if the PF as a party have an alternative candidate for 2021 general election incase President Lungu is barred.  Tutwa Ngulube who is also the Kabwe Central MP said “A person can only be barred if they have a criminal record like Kambwili. The President has not been impeached, he has not suffered any legal disability. You can only validly challenge someone, the 2015 -16 service is not a valid argument.”

“Kambwili can’t stand because his conviction has not been overturned. If the high court overturns his conviction he will be legible to stand. As things are he is on bail and he can use the time to push his appeal, should the court clear him then he can stand. Legally speaking as long as his sentence has not been overturned he is ineligible to stand.” the MP said.

Tutwa Ngulube was quick to remind the listeners on the radio show about article 106 A and B which says “If the vice-president assumes office of the president in accordance with clause 5A or a person is elected to the office of the president as a result of an election held in accordance with the clause 5B, the vice-president or president elect shall serve for the unexpired term of the office and be deemed for the purposes of clause 3A to have served a full term if at the date on which the president assumed office atleast 3 years remain before the date to the next general election or B shall be deemed not to have served a term of office as president if at the date the president assumed office is less than 3 years before date of the general election”

When asked about the fall of Bill Number 10 of 2019, he said “Moving on from bill 10 has not been hard. Our only cry was for our people, the chiefs who wanted protection, our women who wanted inclusion in decision making positions, the youth and the vulnerable in our society” said the Kabwe Central Lawmaker.

Written by Sally Tembo

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