The PF have failed. The economy is booming in Bowman Lusambo’s pockets not in the streets – Nalumango


The PF have failed miserably as a government. Governance can be dissected into three parts and they come short in all of them said the United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango. She said the economy is collapsing. Coronavirus should not beused as a scapegoat as our economy was taking a nosedive long before it came. The national treasury is empty because they have siphoned all the money and the economy is booming in Bowman Lusambo’s pockets. The infrastructure they talk about is limited to Lusaka. The late president Michael Sata pronounced the road development and it was welcomed by the opposition. However along the way it has been used to siphon funds for their benefit. Most developmental projects that the PF talk about were started by the MMD. Roads are the only projects they could have boasted about but even they are nothing to write home about due to poor workmanship.

The UPND has clear policies that will change the situation in Zambia. Lawlessness will be a thing of the past. The rule of law will be upheld. The UPND will create an environment that will make a trickle down effect. They will be free education at all the institutions for the underprivileged in our society. The dollar will come down significantly because of the confidence the people will have in our government.

Mutale Nalumango said “HH wants to make Zambia united again. “He wants to unite Zambia as that’s what our party stands for. The people in power are peddling tribalism openly. We are all Zambians first. We want to echo the first Republican president slogan of “One Zambia One Nation”. It is a crime under the penal code to treat anyone differently based on tribe. Tribalism has reached alarming levels under the current government.The party National Chairperson wants the people of Zambia to know that the UPND under HH wants to bring emancipation to the Zambian people, dignity, as the levels of poverty are too high. Lawlessness will be a thing of the past as it hinders development. UPND will bring hope and help. HH has shown himself as a person ready to work for the people.

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